Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scent of a Woman - Necklace

New from my work bench - Scent of a Woman. Available now from my Etsy Store.

This is a beautiful elegant and feminine necklace. Lots of purple and lavendar, a ribbon and a flower. The focal is made of 2 filigrees, weaved with lots of seed beads, a lovely clay petite flower and a ribbon. Added crystals and an ametrine stone to complete the look.

Dimension - 8.5 inches each side (from clasp to flower) and extendable by another 1 inch +. Check out my store or my Flickr for more photos. =)


Remember Little Branded was checking out the Wheel of Angels previously? This lovely wheel is a birthday gift from my "nanny". The angels are so sweet! Each angel is different and they represent the zodiac signs. The wheel is rotatable but it can't rotate much due to the weight of these angels.

Little Branded also found a new pouch hanging on my Balenciaga twiggy. She was so happy that she can take a picture with the cute little pouch (yep, the cutie pouch is the rabbit head! **LOL**).

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