Thursday, November 22, 2007

Earrings and such

Making earrings are not my cup of tea. I make a lot more necklaces and bracelets than earrings. Instead of making earrings, I usually buy them. =) Of the limited number of earrings I made, these are my favourites.

The first one above is made of rose quartz chips, rhrodronite balls and crystals. I like the loops and they dangle nicely when worn.

This one (above) is unique. It's hard to assemble the various components to get this type of design on purpose.

The last two earrings are romantic earrings. Top image - Rose gold rose charms! I love them! Bottom image - Purple earrings.... ^_^ ametrine marquis, rose quartz, pink pearls, crystals... how much more romantic can we get? The ametrine purple earrings are now on my etsy - [sold]

Monday, November 12, 2007

さびしい and Nameless necklace

Sabishii - Lonely - is what I feel in my new workplace. The people are nice in my office but I miss my friends and wonderful boss in my previous job. My new partner colleague is a good person and that is a great consolation to me.

This little picture of a girl named Sabishii, depicts the feelings I have. Today I am reminded to give thanks, for all the lovely things in my life.

On a separate note, I made something during the weekend. It has no name cos my brain juice simply dried up. Nevertheless, I like it. A tinge of extravagant, with all the gemstones glittering.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

November Dream

约定着 只为你而存在

November is here. To me, it is a dreamy cooling month.

My inspiration drought is over. Today I finally made something. It is a necklace which consists of 2 filigrees wrapped together with a cushion blue opal crystal on top, a beautiful faceted teardrop green amethyst, several round amazonite beads, lots of crystal bicones.

November dream4

I also took a photo of my jewelry stand... and realised that I have taken the back view of the stand instead of the front. *DUH*