Sunday, August 03, 2008

Beautiful Jewelry from Rakuten Japanese Shopping Website

Are you a fan of Japanese accessories, anime and books? I came across a very popular Japanese shopping site "Rakuten" a few days ago and took the opportunity to practice my elementary Japanese while browsing the site.

I saw beautiful dainty bling blings! Sharing a few here for your viewing pleasure. ^_^

1) Pink Sapphire and Diamond Tiara Ring in pink gold
2) Diamond motif ring

3) Moonstone diamond ring - 10k white gold

4) 18k white gold Blue Chalsedony with small diamond ring

5) 18k white gold rose cut diamond ring

6) 18k pink gold amethyst pendant with small rose cut diamonds

That's all for this round. =)


Paloma said...
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Japan Fashion said...

well manage blog. i like Diamond motif ring i think that is very unpick piece when i get marries i will consider

Phoebe said...

Hi Japan Fashion, thanks for your compliments! I like the motif ring too and all the other beautiful rings on this post from Rakuten

Anonymous said...


Saw yr link from TPF... i like to check with you which is the particular seller u bought the ring from and for how much? Thanks!


Phoebe said...

Hi Jen, I have not buy any yet, though I am planning to. As there are a few rings being posted here, which one are you referring to? Perhaps I can help to send a link, if you need.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phoebe
I like the Moonstone diamond ring - 10k white gold

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Tiara Ring in pink gold

They sound expensive.... do u still have the links? Thanks


Phoebe said...

Hi Jen,

the link to moonstone diamond ring -

the link to Pink Sapphire and diamond tiara ring -


Anonymous said...

Hi. I love the tiara ring. How can i but it? plz. urgent. im going to get enggage next month.

Phoebe said...

I believe it is out of production. But you can search the site again to be sure.
Congrats on your engagement! =)