Saturday, June 27, 2009

My new loot + shop update

2 new things to share with everyone. Both in pink! 

Call me kiddish, I bought a Little Twin Star key chain yesterday. It's really sweet - with a pink bow, the trademark angel couple, several pretty plastic smiley stars and lots of tiny gold stars. I hang it on my bag, the size is perfect!

littleTwinStar key chain

I also bought a large jewelry box. Decided to use them to hold my bead supplies. The box looks pretty but the quality is not that great as compared to another one I bought from Hallmark. Nevertheless, it will serve me well to hold the stones, beads and findings... not forgeting my tools.

Store update - Blue Petals Earrings listed in my etsy and blogshop. At a very affordable price.  ^_^  Do visit often for more new items.

blue petals earrings

Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Counting down to unemployment

Only about 9 days more to go before I sack myself officially from my full-time job. This is the right choice. I struggled alot before deciding to resign. It is never easy to be different from many others - being out of job voluntarily while others feel the need to have one since the job market is bad now. For those of you, my friends, who are currently enjoying your work, you are blessed. It is a mistake that I resigned from a job I love almost 2 years ago. I seriously wonder if I would ever be so lucky again.

my new pot of plant

If you are like me, going to be unemployed soon and trying to make sense what actually happened... let's be strong. Let's try to be positive. Most importantly, let's be grateful for the good things we still have in life.  **hugs**

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Store update ... and what I just ordered from Rakuten

Store update - "I Love Ribbons" earrings

Made of lovely pastel bluish green chalcedony gemstone beads, with 16K Gold Plate over Brass Ribbon Detailed hoops and swarovski crystals. Very sweet and elegant! Now available in my etsy store and blogshop. Please do check this babe out!


After window-shopping at Rakuten for several months, I decided to give it a try -- by ordering a bag from one of the participating shops that could ship items overseas. I bought a blue leather bag from a shop named Yamamoto. It is a really simple but functional bag. I just love the blue colour! I'm still waiting for the seller to get back to me on the shipping charges. Hopefully the entire transaction would be smooth.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Store update

"Little Gem of Love" - now available at both my blogshop and my etsy online store.

little gem of love

Want something petite and lovely that you can wear everyday? "Little Gem of Love" Necklace is made with this thought in mind.

Packed with lots of treasures - citrine, peridots, argonites, seed beads and a darling Japanese yellow clay flower.  ^_^

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I rarely blog about my struggles. I aim to share the beautiful, happy things in my life and the sweet, touching encounters I came across. I wanted my blog to be a place where readers can enjoy, relax and join me in appreciating these beauties (dare I say that would include my jewelry pieces? At least, those are beauties in my eyes.)

Today is different. I want to share my fears and struggles. In a short 1.5 yrs, I have switched 3 jobs. 2 were because there were financial problems with the companies. Tomorrow, I will resign from my 3rd job. This current one was and still is a struggle. I can't write as well as what the bosses want... As a result, I struggled every time I need to write a submission to them, and my job requires me to write write write every day, almost every minute. This is a total nightmare. Frankly, I don't understand why the department is structured this way, why things are done in this manner. No need to ask anyone, the system doesn't allow such questions anyway.

In my sadness, I drew "Mieu" during lunchtime today. This is how I feel now.

3 jobs in such a short time, interviewers asked me why. So did my friends. "Again?" they asked. Please don't say that to your friends if you ever come to know their career is not as smooth. "Again" is not an encouraging word, though it is a normal reaction.

I guess I have vented enough. Apologies this entry is not as happy as the past. Please give a little encouragement to me if you are being prompted in your heart. Thanks...