Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Fall in Love" Necklace - My Best Love!

This is my best love, among all the creations I have done so far. I am SO in love with this precious necklace.

Rose gold necklace is what I had been thinking of doing but never had the inspiration so far... till today! I am so happy with what I have accomplished. The designing was not smooth sailing, I took several hours. The photo below is the concept design before I plunged into actual work.

These are photos of the finished piece. You can tell how much I love it by looking at the many photos I have taken and posted here. =)

The necklace looks even prettier in real life! ^_^ **hearts hearts hearts** Coincidentally, I read that Jill Stuart has updated its website. The new look is so beautiful and romantic... and appears to be in perfect match with "Fall in Love"! (photo below is from JS' site)

If you are like me, in love with this necklace, and wish to have one for yourself, pls feel free to e-mail me. However, I am open to making one more only. I want to keep her unique and special.

Besides rose gold, it will look great in silver or gold too.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have spent again!!

Hubby finally realised that I should never be allowed into a watch boutique.

We went to Takashimaya yesterday... He said that there is the Hour Glass boutique and suggested to take a look at the Philip Stein watch which I had on my wishlist. Alas, it was a bad idea -- I saw the watches and quickly picked one. In a matter of less than 30 mins in the shop, I asked him if I could get the watch. **LOL** So this babe went home with me!

I am very curious if the Teslar technology really helps to reduce overall stress and promote well being of the wearer. Most likely I would start wearing this beauty after my birthday next month. I love the diamond markers, the dual clock and watch face. Also like the ease of changing the leather strap - I do plan to get more straps in the near future. ^_^
I must stop spending. Wouldn't want to "squander" all my hard earned bonus!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

another drawing

Am into a drawing frenzy these 2 weeks. ^_^ I am learning to use Photoshop to sketch and paint. Never good in painting but photoshop seems to make things slightly easier.
This is what I have done so far. Not fantastic but I am happy because I am improving in my skills. Call it a far-fetched dream but I believe I can be considered good in this one day!
Have a GREAT weekend!!