Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday wishlist (to myself)

I have only limited funds to spare for myself this upcoming birthday. Frankly, there is nothing special about birthdays, it is just my excuse to get something for myself. **evil sheepish look** To prevent myself from making impulsive purchases, I am forcing myself to list down the things I want and select only one or two from this list. ^_^

1) Miu Miu Wallet

I have been a fan of Miu Miu for more than a year but strangely I haven't spend a single cent on this brand. I love the coffer, the bow and the Matelasse but I just cannot justify spending $2000 on a bag to bring to work.... (oh work, that can take up another page on ranting!)... Definitely it is not worth to spend so much on a work bag, with such a situation I am in now. Hence the next best thing is to get a wallet. =)

Todate I have a total of 4 wallets - 3 LVs and 1 sweetie from Korea. This potential new member of the wallet family is a Miu Miu Matelasse clasp style wallet. It comes in 2 colours - black and red. There appears no available photo on the internet. I believe it is priced at around S$900 - $1000.

Other pretty Miu Miu wallets that can be found include the following **drool** (pictures from Rakuten Japan)

2) Balenciaga Wallet

This picture is taken from bagaholicboy's blog. I love the combination of bubblegum pink leather with gold hardware. Balenciaga's gold hardware wallets and bags are rare gems in Singapore. If you own one, you are one lucky girl/ guy. Though it is on my wishlist, I doubt I would be able to lay my hands on any of them.

3) Laptop

This item was newly added (just this morning)... It has come to a point that I believe working at the pantry is more peaceful than working in my cubicle. In order to work efficiently there, I need a laptop. So how about a lightweight small 11-12 inch laptop? If I am mad enough, ready to declare war in office, perhaps I can get one. Oh well, I'm in a rebellious mood today...

4) Pearls pearls pearls

Beautiful pearl bracelets and necklaces... who would resist them? The tahitan ones are my favourite because of their lovely overtones. By the way, they cost a bomb! I would most probably get a pendant if I go for a tahitan. The freshwater pearls are equally attractive too. ^_^ Once again, where is the money tree? [edited. Photos removed]

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

EtsyBlogger Carnival - My favourite creation

For this month's EtsyBlogger Carnival, I am submitting my contribution on the topic relating to "My Favourite Creation".

This picture below shows my painting done sometime end of last year, before I started work with my current employer. Why is it so special? Because it was my first painting after 10 years or so (since graduation from high school). Eversince I stepped out into the working society, I stopped painting. It felt so wonderful when I finally finished this drawing.
It is far from good but it is still an achievement to me... And hence my favourite creation.

(used Acrylic paints)

I am doing another painting right now, it is about 70% completed. I hope there will be more (I must stop being so lazy!!!).

Monday, July 14, 2008

New from my work bench! Blue Berries Version 2

Made of aquamarine rondelles, marcasite beads, crystal bicones and czech frosty flower beads. Very vintage and romantic look. Loving them. =) This pair of lovelies can be found in my Blog Shop or my Etsy Shop. Priced at USD$15/-.

*~Perfect jewelry for all occasions!~*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Featured Etsy Blogger - A Keepers Jackpot

I am a new member of the EtsyBlogger Street Team. We are the ones who blog and have a shop (or even two!) at Etsy. Every month, the team members will showcase a specific artist. This month, we have "A Keepers Jackpot" and this is my first blog post on our team member's blog/ etsy. ^_^

Such unique name! - that was my first reaction. I realised she is a person who knows how to enjoy life - beautiful scenic pictures on her blog, the places she has gone to and her love for nature.

Looking at her Etsy shop, you'd find wearable art - bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I especially like this piece (below):-

Check out A Keepers Jackpot's lovely blog - and her wonderful etsy store -

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beautiful Piano Music and Other Stuff

Came across this lovely site a couple of days ago. Whisperings is a solo piano radio site where you can tune in and chill out any time. I tried this site for 2 days, playing the free music stream while working. The music is so beautiful and soothing. Finally decided to support this wonderful internet radio site and subscribe to its one year plan. =) Do visit their website if you love such piano pieces.


my wishlist part 1.... (oh boy, talk about saving money!)

1) Wacom Cintiq12WX

I guess I'm mad -- this babe has a costly price tag. Probably a lavish want since I am not a professional artist and I am quite an idiot when it comes to Photoshop etc. Not forgetting the fact that this toy requires power input; which means you need to plug the device to a socket in order to use it. Bringing it out and playing it anywhere is thus quite impossible unless you are lucky enough to find a spot with an outlet. Several reviews have been written on this tablet drawing pad. Google it and read for yourself if you are interested! ^_^

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pastel in the garden of gold

New bracelet - Pastel in the Garden of Gold - Now listed on my etsy . ^_^

Made of Japanese clay flower, seed beads, phrenite teardrop and swarovski crystals. I love the combination of pastel blue and gold.