Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New purchases this month so far

It's geeky electronic month for me! I finally bought a wacom tablet after months of craving and lots of whinning. The wacom Intuos3 with dimensions 6x11 is a good size for me and it syncs perfectly with my LCD wide screen monitor.

To me, this is defintely better than getting a wacom bamboo as the bamboo's screen is too smooth which I find it hard to use with the pen. It is much cheaper than Cintiq and I believe Intuos is as easy to use even though you need to look at the LCD screen while working on the tablet. Trust me, it is really simple to use! ^_^

A week after I bought the tablet, my "hand-me-down" cpu decided it was time for it to stop running and die. I felt disappointed that I have to spend money getting a pc/ laptop as I really wanted to get a new bag soon.

DH was very patient with me while I shopped around for the right thing. Being a creature who focuses alot on looks, I decided to get a Sony Vaio SR13GN even though I know very well that I can get a cheaper one with exactly the same specification. Got the one in pink which costs me a whoppie SGD$2500. She's really a beauty, isn't she?
Thanks to DH, he assembled everything for me. I then took a picture of my new playground!

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