Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Nice and Pretty Stuff I bought recently

1) Artistic Abstract Lampwork Bead from Touchofglassdesigns (picture taken from her etsy site) This pretty has so much details. I like the way it reminds me of a waterfall.

2) Sweet Japanese Kawaii Notepad
Every page of this notepad is different - different design and different words. I have yet to understand what the japanese words mean but I do know that this notepad is 100% kawaii.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a hurdle to cross

Remember my custom made "Sunset" necklace in my last post? The sweet customer received her necklace today and she said it's pretty. However, my weaved fishline on the back of the filigree is pricking her and she feels uncomfortable wearing it. I made some suggestions to her on what she can do to try remove the prickiness. She hasn't get back to me but I hope she is able to get rid of the uncomfy feeling.

I feel apologetic towards her and disappointed with myself. I checked all my current pieces for prickiness but found none. And yet this happens to a customed piece, which is suppose to be perfect. I guess I would feel lousy for the night and try to pick myself up tomorrow. I must do my best to check my work and ensure such things don't happen again.

I'm not sure how others would see me and my work because of what I shared above but I guess it doesn't matter. It happened and I need to learn from my mistake.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Customed order completed - "Sunset" Necklace

Today I completed a customed order - "Sunset". Made of Swarovski crystal weaved on 2 brass filigrees, with big round crystals and a gold leaf. I also added more crystals on the chain and twisted jump rings on my own. The twisting was quite tedious but fun.

Take a look at the bracelet first... this was sold to a sweet lady recently. Thereafter she requested for a matching necklace so that her lovely daughter can have the bracelet.

Here's the necklace I have done (more photos can be found from my Flickr photostream):-

I hope she likes what I have done. =)


While walking up an escalator in a mall this afternoon, I saw this advertisement showing the most GORGEOUS watch... Perrelet's Flower Diamond 2008 Luxury Watch **heart heart heart** Such beauty! (Photo taken from Perrelet's website)

Ready for other heart-stopping watches? From Omega and Mont Blanc (photos taken from Omega and Mont Blanc respectively)

Where's the money tree?.....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Honey and Milk * Floral Filigree Bracelet

From the Floral Filigree Collection ^_^

I fell in love with this Beautiful Japanese Clay Flower Bead when I first laid my eyes on her. She's so lovely and intricate... and I told myself that I MUST get her!

This lovely bead is woven to 2 elegant filigrees and is surrounded by dainty milky czech teardrop beads, beige seed beads and crystal bicones. Below the focal, I added sweet AB crystal to complete the look. I also added opal blue cube crystals, more crystal bicones and gold leaves to the entire bracelet. And did you notice 2 beautiful patterned brass beads as well? =) They are my rare finds at a local bead store. Heh heh *heart*

It is now up on my etsy. ^_^
(the pictures don't come up nicely here. Visit my Flickr if you want to see better pictures)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I get inspiration from:-

~ flowers. I love flowers, all types of flowers. I take pictures of wild flowers, flowers that bloom from people's pots (you know, those low balconies where people grow their own plants...) etc. My love for flowers prompted me to make jewelry with the floral theme *heart*

~ the beautiful stones and crystals I bought. You'd see my loot when you scroll down. *wink*

Many times my well of inspiration is pretty dry. I look at the same stone, the same findings for many weeks or months before I make anything.

I also don't sketch my design. I know many of the artists out there would sketch their designs and modify, refine before they proceed to create their beauties. I guess I am too lazy. I have lots of mental drawings but I never put them down on paper. Such ideas usually 'evaporate' (oh yes, I can't remember them) within 5 minutes or so. Talking about getting old! I'm very thankful though that despite having few creations, I have sales coming in, especially this year. My greatest encouragement comes from customers' happiness when they receive the parcel of goodies. It is indeed heartwarming when they tell me how beautiful the jewelry is. ^_^

The appreciation spurs me to buy more lovely beads and findings. So much joy I have when I see my loot spread out on the table!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


More itchy hands today. Found a piece of leftover black paper from my pile of craft. Cut it into a nice size, took out my coloured pens (and realised a few pens have spoilt... *duh*) and started drawing.

Oh yes, today is a much happier day! I'm looking forward to my Dior sunnies, my crystal supplies from Belgium and my lovely pair of earrings. So happy that I drew another pic. ^_^

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Earrings and more earrings... and my current state of mind

A new pair of earrings I made a few days back using rose quartz stones, lampwork beads made by Kandice Seeber and crystals. Was in low spirits yesterday, trying to get out of such depressing state. Still trying. Hubby wrote to say he has seen me overcome similar unhappiness before and he feels I can do it. I was touched to see his words and it has given me strength to stay 'afloat' for a day and a day. Bit by bit. I really hope I can overcome it. I spend when I am unhappy. Lucky(?) for me, I got these lovelies from Jennifermorrisbeads (from etsy). She's really lovely and polite. I'm looking forward to my sweet earrings.
God loves everyone, including those who spitefully hurt others, those who are selfish, those who are possessive, those who mentally torture others... Oh yes, these people are not happy themselves. They suffer and they are in need of love. So the Lord is there. He loves them. I will not ask God to punish You-know-who-they-are, for He knows what is best and He can see the hearts of men. But I don't wish to be the loser, I don't wish to be the person who cannot let go of the hatred inside me. It is so difficult to wish these people well and I'm not even thinking about forgiveness yet. Forgiveness in this case is indeed only possible with Him. I'm not ready yet, not ready yet....

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Floral Filigree Series

I stopped making jewelry for a few months. Yesterday I picked up my kits and started weaving the filigrees, added a polymer flower, added more pearls and added more and more beads... finally I finished a necklace. Having just gone for the Lasik surgery a week back, such jewelry making exercise caused some strains to my eyes. I was very tired at the end and told myself never to work under such bad lighting condition at night in the future.

Presenting... White Flower Filigree Necklace (yeah, I know, what boring name). Made of polymer clay flower, dyed freshwater pearls, crystals, phrenite briolettes and a gold leaf. ^_^

Necklace is now available on my etsy. Priced at USD35/-. Delivery is Free in Singapore. Payment can be in the form of local bank transfer. **Buyers from Overseas - Buy any 2 items and get shipping FREE**

And a recap of my previous Floral Filigree Necklaces:-

*Available on my etsy*



I've also added 2 beautiful beads to my shop. Check them out!