Friday, May 16, 2008

Bags and More on The Devil 마왕

Sharing some of the lovely handmade leather bags I found on etsy:-
1) MoxieandOliver

2) tmStudioDesigns

Finished the Korean drama serial "Mawang" earlier. A meaningful show, full of suspense and mystery. I love this song "The Scent of Light" from the original soundtrack. This is the first drama serial that I didn't fast forward any part of the story. The whole serial was very nicely done (except the shaky images at some portions which I do not understand why the cameraman chose to do it that way). A fanmade mv taken from youtube below:-

If you have the chance, watch this show. It's really worth watching. =) Edited to add that the main story is not totally logical to me but the cast is fantastic - everyone acted very well. Overall, it is indeed worth the watch to me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just this video for today

I MUST post this lovely video clip. It's one of my favourite Korean shows (Mawang, "The Devil") . The beginning of the show is nicely done and I love it so much that I used my camera phone to shoot this when it was playing on my LCD monitor. **LOL** I'm not sure if I am making any sense. Anyway, here it is! Apologies for the bad quality.

That's all for today. Night night!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My MSN display pic and The Devil **LOL**

Out of context totally... I want to talk about my msn display picture. It's a photo of me and I have added the "browning" effect so it has an aged look. I was not smiling in the picture, perhaps I did, it was too small a smile to get noticed when I posted the thingy on msn.

I have feedback on my display picture soon after i put it on msn! All of them complained that I looked fierce. Some said I looked ghostly! I am not offended at all, just amazed that the picture disturbed them so much that they have to complain. One protested and told me not to send any messages to him if I don't take down the picture. Wow... what a reaction!

No picture to show here, it is stored in my office PC.

I guess I will take down my little photo tomorrow and replace it with something else... **sighz**


Heard of "Mawang"/ The Devil? This is a Korean drama serial which was released last year (I think). I am watching it online now. Currently at Episode One. So far so good. =) Interested? Take a peep here.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The weekend is here

I just LOVE this drawing - the bob hairstyle, her eyes and nose. What a lady with character! Love it so much that I bought it last night. Check out this talented artist's etsy shop. And her lovely gallery.

Next on my "To-Buy" list should be from Art.and.Ghost. She is so artistic and creative. Some of my favourites include:-

The weekend is finally here. A routine of sleeping late the previous night, getting up late on Saturday, lazing around, going out for some shopping... I love Saturdays!

Perhaps it was the red wine that I drank (we had girls' night out on Friday) or perhaps I was too tired... I travelled to dreamland and had one of the most amazing dreams - I became a mother and I saw my son. A child of less than one year old and he was riding on my hubby. I can't recall his features now but I know he was a cute sweet boy. Naughty he was, pulling hubby's hair gently and chuckling non-stop. That was a strange dream as both me and hubby never plan to have any kids. I guess I caught a feel on how it's like to be a mother - full of love for the baby and great joy too. Blessed are all the mothers in the world as they are able to enjoy this love that they have for their kids. As for me, I still maintain my decision that we will not have a child, not at this moment.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Inner Life

I bought a book on Wednesday at Borders. Interesting classic from Thomas Kempis. Here's the cover, equally interesting and full of meaningful words.

May the peace of the Lord comes to all who yearn for it. May those who feel weary and burdened be given rest. Thank God for the guardian angel in my life.