Friday, February 29, 2008

While i fight temptation...

there's this Miu Miu bag and bling bling craze raging inside me. Looking at the beautiful colours make my knees weak and leave me fighting very hard against temptation. Perhaps I would laugh at my silly self in the years to come when I see these again. Miu Miu bag and rose gold ring - Pictures from ebay.

Besides salivating for these beauties, I was doodling away again. Dear Jan (desertbunny), my wonderful US friend from Hobnobbin has come up with wonderful ideas on how I can take my sketchings further and I am slowly trying them out.

I will not forget to mention my little luck yesterday -- found a cosy craft shop at Takashimaya and got myself 2 sweeties! What shall I do with them?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thank You

I just want to say "Thank You"... to all who have shown me LOVE, KINDNESS and PATIENCE all this while. Your support have given me strength. I am hopeful that I can get past the trials which I am facing, even right now.

Here's something specially for you, wherever you are...

New stuff on my etsy --> orangetree
(new supplies and a beautiful clay flower locket!)


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tea Party in the Garden

"Tea Party in the Garden" bracelet which was completed yesterday. Made of many beautiful parts and components - rose gold flower pin, Ashton Jewels lampwork beads, sparkly citrine, rose gold flower clasp, phrenite teardrops, phrenite and labradorite rondelles, milky czech teardrop beads. Wow.... I'm giving myself a big treat here!

How long, how long
that I have to dwell in this place
the pain, the sadness and the strain

My strength is failing, my stress is great

I look to my Hope, my only Hope.
If it is possible, deliver me please.
(Feb 08)