Saturday, October 23, 2010

More yummies from Japan

If you like the petite dainty jewelry pieces from Agete in my earlier post, you will love these yummies from Nojess, ete and Vendome Aoyama.

♥ Nojess ♥
You can find Nojess items online at ZoZoTown, they provide overseas shipping services.


Ete is also has several items available at ZoZoTown. The Christmas set (limited collection) looks too beautiful!


♥ Vendome Aoyama ♥

♥ Agete - Beautiful Gems ♥

Thanks to SF, I was reminded of Agete, a Japanese jewelry brand, which I love.

I was thrilled that Kinokuniya is bringing in their AUTUMN / WINTER COLLECTION 2010 mook. This mageazine comes with a Tote Bag - perfect to be my lunch bag! I will definitely rush to Bugis and grab my copy tomorrow. ^_^
(Update on 23 Oct 2010 - The mook is not here in Singapore yet. Fans of Agete would have to wait a little longer, I guess.)

Also visited their website. Was pleasantly surprised that they have revamped it -- more romantic and easier to navigate than before. Here are some of my favourite pieces from their collections.

♥ ♥ Have a great weekend! ♥ ♥