Saturday, March 22, 2008

Celebrate Colours

A new set of colour pencils - Faber Castell's polychromos. The colours are beautiful. Though I have not used them extensively (just a little trial when I coloured a small portion of my drawing), I find them easy to use and truly they don't smudge... well, they haven't smudge yet.

I hope I'd be less lazy and finish up my drawing soon... **oink**

On a separate note, I received 6 lovely kawaii dolls as present last Thurs. Love them so much so that I took several pictures of them. =) They can be found at Takashimaya shopping center. If you love them as well, you know where to find them!
This week's favs - Orangetree's favs of the week...
1) lotusjewelrystudio - love the buttons, especially the baby blue and purple ones. The beautiful casings made for them. Delicately done... if only I have the money!
2) mcfarlanddesigns - mystic moonstone ring. The gem's colour is amazing - something which I love. She does customs too. *heart*

Saturday, March 15, 2008

For the sweet things in life

Yesterday was my last day at work. I'd start work on my new job next Wednesday. Hopefully I'd have some time to rest and relax before the next round of work begins.

Last week was great cos I received my Balenciaga Bubblegum Pink Twiggy and it is soooo beautiful! What's better, I got it at a lower price than what is sold in Singapore. Here's my babe. Modelling pics will come later after I get the chance to carry her.

Here's some random pics of my work - tea mug (took at Chatterbox... the most expensive chicken rice in town) and a drawing just completed. 9 March 08 was my dear friend, Sharmaine's wedding day. It was so wonderful to see her and to share with her happy celebration. She's a person who celebrates life and brings great love to her friends around her. Truly a gem. My very sincere best wishes to her and her hubby. =)

And before I end my post for the day ... here's something I just bought off etsy! To go to this talented lady's (margrietje) shop, click here

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Favs at Etsy

Drooling drooling and I just keep drooling.... Lovely items from etsy. So many talented crafters and artists... I need more money! And I just happen to see one of the sweetest etsy front page 5 mins ago. Here it is below.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Buy?.. Buying.. Bought~!

I can't believe it. I saw the Bubblegum Pink Balenciaga bag on Day 1 (that was the first time I got to know how "bubblegum pink" looked like), I thought about it and I bought it on Day 2! I am (still am!) amazed with myself *LOL* I must document this down and laugh at myself when I grow old. Still waiting for the bag to be shipped... Getting a bit impatient even though it is only early Tuesday morning in US. A mini pic of my new babe...

I did something over the weekend. It is a labradorite and phrenite necklace, featuring the lovely heart focal (which I bought from the nice Japanese store in Takashimaya). Take a peep at the listing here.

And a close-up picture of my drawing made while I was on leave. It's now about 2 weeks before I start my new job. I really hope all goes well. Thanks to all for being by my side when I was terribly down. **hugs**