Thursday, August 28, 2008

EtsyBlogger Blog Carnival - Something You Did When A Child That You Will Always Remember

**Something You Did When A Child That You Will Always Remember**
Collecting cute and sweet things! Cute stickers, sweet stuff toys and gorgeous bookmarks - these are the items I love when I was a child and still loving them now. Back then I was quite a poor kid and had to save up a bit before I could afford a sticker, stuff toy or bookmark.

One of my collection shown below is a shiny surface bookmark. A big portion of its tassels is brown. Yah, brown! Lots of scratches on it. Really an old piece this one. =P Let me see, it should be about 18 years old now. Wow!

Here's another babe from my collection. It's a gift from my classmates. This raccoon is still surviving and is currently sitting on my platform in the study room.

Many of my stuff toys were gone when I moved house. I'm glad this sweetie raccoon is still here with me after all these years. ^_^

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storybeader said...

Cute raccoon. I collected stuffed animals, not dolls, when I was growing up. But I don't have any of mine, anymore. You just reminded me of that! Thanks.