Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scent of a Woman - Necklace

New from my work bench - Scent of a Woman. Available now from my Etsy Store.

This is a beautiful elegant and feminine necklace. Lots of purple and lavendar, a ribbon and a flower. The focal is made of 2 filigrees, weaved with lots of seed beads, a lovely clay petite flower and a ribbon. Added crystals and an ametrine stone to complete the look.

Dimension - 8.5 inches each side (from clasp to flower) and extendable by another 1 inch +. Check out my store or my Flickr for more photos. =)


Remember Little Branded was checking out the Wheel of Angels previously? This lovely wheel is a birthday gift from my "nanny". The angels are so sweet! Each angel is different and they represent the zodiac signs. The wheel is rotatable but it can't rotate much due to the weight of these angels.

Little Branded also found a new pouch hanging on my Balenciaga twiggy. She was so happy that she can take a picture with the cute little pouch (yep, the cutie pouch is the rabbit head! **LOL**).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

EtsyBlogger Blog Carnival - Something You Did When A Child That You Will Always Remember

**Something You Did When A Child That You Will Always Remember**
Collecting cute and sweet things! Cute stickers, sweet stuff toys and gorgeous bookmarks - these are the items I love when I was a child and still loving them now. Back then I was quite a poor kid and had to save up a bit before I could afford a sticker, stuff toy or bookmark.

One of my collection shown below is a shiny surface bookmark. A big portion of its tassels is brown. Yah, brown! Lots of scratches on it. Really an old piece this one. =P Let me see, it should be about 18 years old now. Wow!

Here's another babe from my collection. It's a gift from my classmates. This raccoon is still surviving and is currently sitting on my platform in the study room.

Many of my stuff toys were gone when I moved house. I'm glad this sweetie raccoon is still here with me after all these years. ^_^

Sunday, August 24, 2008

new items on my Etsy

My etsy store was updated recently with new goodies. Do check them out ( . ^_^

Fully Adjustable Elegant Swarovski Crystal Antique Ring (USD18/-)
Baby Pastel Lampwork Bracelet (USD95/-)This piece of jewelry is unqiue. I only have enough supplies to make one such bracelet. If you love pastel colours, especially pastel blue - this is the bracelet for you! =)
Thanks for dropping by, have a great week ahead! **smile**

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Featured EtsyBlogger - Tulip's Treasure Box

This month's Featured EtsyBlogger is Tulip Treasure Box! ^_^

Tulip Treasure Box is one of my favourite etsy shops. Her jewelry items are unique and beautiful. Some of the items on my wishlist include:-

1) IRIS eyes upon me necklace - woven by many many seed beads with a handmade white stone focal. This necklace is a wonderful work of patience.

2) The Blues Beaded necklace - sparkly neat and unique necklace! I love the colour combination and the design. Such a darling necklace!

Check out her shop for more treasures, you won't be disappointed! =) Also drop by her very interesting blog

Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Eye Candies from Rakuten - the PINK GOLD theme

Just want to share more beauties from this Japanese online shopping website.
1) Pink Gold Amethyst Ring

2) Pink Gold Rhodolite Garnet Ring

3) Pink Gold Diamond Ring

4) Pink Gold with Rose Quartz and Pearls

Before I end, here's a sneak peak on my upcoming post in a few days' time.... Little Branded checking out the Wheel of Angels.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Birthday Pressies!!

The definite truth - I busted my budget!!

Talking about plunging in and splurging... well, I did it and I know part of me is regretting while the rest of me believes I've made good purchases. I am reminded again inside my heart that spending huge amount of money (to me, that's huge amount of $$) does not give me instant happiness. In fact, it didn't give me any happiness when I bought the 2 expensive items. I was feeling more numb than anything. And still minimal happiness even till now.

1) Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This bracelet is objectively a good buy. I've spent months hunting for the right bracelet and this one fits my requirements and budget perfectly. The small diamonds sparkle like crazy and every one of them is nicely cut. This bracelet has a total of 4.32ct diamonds (total 47 of them).

2) Miu Miu Matelasse Amarena Wallet

This is under one of the wishlist. Finally found the perfect one after some effort. DH has been very understanding and supportive. This is something good that turned out from the whole episode.

3) Thermal Mug

This is my happiest purchase. It costs SGD39/-. I used SGD30 Takashimaya vouchers and only paid $9/- for it! ^_^ My office mug is really old and dirty so I thought to get a new one and this new babe can help keep my tea warm all the time.

That's all the unreveals I have. I'd be on ban till Oct when I go for my long awaited Korea trip. I know I am all sufficient in terms of material wants and I am really contented.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Beautiful Jewelry from Rakuten Japanese Shopping Website

Are you a fan of Japanese accessories, anime and books? I came across a very popular Japanese shopping site "Rakuten" a few days ago and took the opportunity to practice my elementary Japanese while browsing the site.

I saw beautiful dainty bling blings! Sharing a few here for your viewing pleasure. ^_^

1) Pink Sapphire and Diamond Tiara Ring in pink gold
2) Diamond motif ring

3) Moonstone diamond ring - 10k white gold

4) 18k white gold Blue Chalsedony with small diamond ring

5) 18k white gold rose cut diamond ring

6) 18k pink gold amethyst pendant with small rose cut diamonds

That's all for this round. =)