Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is coming! And my recent work

Christmas - my most loved holiday season of the year. It holds a special place in my heart. I hope you would have a great time spending the holiday with your loved ones. :)

To many, it is the time to give gifts to family members, friends and colleagues to show their appreciation. Here's my share of gifts wrapped and ready to be distributed on Tuesday! ^_^

During this period of time, I had the chance to clear my annual leave. Took some time to make a few jewelry pieces. I love such quiet undisturbed time, when my creative juices can just flow freely. =)

Please "Like" my facebook page for latest update. Do drop by my blogshop to see the items available. Have a wonderful week ahead! ^_^

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tokidoki - are you still in love with their bags?

Well, I still am! It seems the craze has died down but I just got hold of my very first Tokidoki bag. ^_^

There is a small Tokidoki section at Level 2, Takashimaya. They are giving away a free bag charm for purchases more than $180 (I think. You might wish to check with the sales lady again on this).

Here are the review photos!

Exquisite design on the bag charm box! =)

The bag charm.

The bag I bought. It will be great for casual outings and overseas trip. Also great as a lunch bag!

Very cute and functional bag. I am glad! Interested to see the other bag designs and accessories? Check out their official website!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beautiful jewelry pieces for Christmas ^_^

Christmas is coming. My favourite Japanese jewelry boutiques have come up with many sweet jewelry pieces to welcome this festive season. I thought I must share them here -- beauties that will bring a smile to your face! =)

First on the list -- 4 Degrees

Next - Agete. This is my favourite brand. I would love to have the ring!

And finally ... Nojess ... Don't you love the pretty box!

Christmas is the best holiday season to me. It is also a time to wind down and take a break. I hope you are looking forward to this lovely time too. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

17 more days before my 2nd work year anniversary with my current employer

I have been counting down since last month to my 2nd work year anniversary with my current employer. How many of us work just because of the money? Sadly, I am one of them. This job gives me the funds to pay my bills, accumulate some savings, support my passion and my materialistic cravings. Call me shallow, I am pretty used to that.

My dream job -- to open a beads cafe, where I get to sell quality beads and gemstones, with a corner of the shop selling petite pretty pastries and serving gourmet coffee and tea. Not sure how practical this dream job is, but I would love it! For now, I can only daydream about it.

Managed to create a pair of earrings last week. Check out my blog and etsy for more photos and details. =)

No matter where you are, hope you have a great week ahead.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mirror WIP

Can't think of a better title. So I'd just stick to "Mirror" first. WIP.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New work - Spring time necklace

Personal collection. I named her "Spring time".

Delightful ingredients -- Approx 11 cts London Blue topaz teardrop, citrine and swiss blue topaz teardrops, Japanese ceramic flowers, petite rose gold plated with cz charm, moonstone briolettes, london blue topaz briolettes, swarovski crystal bicones, flower and leave components, prehnite rounds. Components from Japan.

She's such a beauty and a joy to admire. **smile**

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thursday, April 07, 2011

It has been a while

It has been some time since I last updated the blog. Not because I have forgotten. It is just that I came back from Japan about 3 weeks ago, yes, hubby and I were at Tokyo when the quake happened.

We went through a little episode of inconvenience - our flight was cancelled, we had no place to sleep, we felt the quake and shakes, we walked from Shibuya to Shinjuku together with the many Japanese commuters... It felt strange to talk about my loot from this trip, especially when the beautiful country is still mourning. I did however posted photos of my loot on flickr. Looks awfully sinful to me. But I was so happy with the pretty things, intricate designs and packages.

Just like what many people have commented - the Japanese have wonderful grace even when faced with great difficulties. At that time when it happened, they were so peaceful -- there was no shouts, no demands, no frantic panic (though I saw ladies in silent fear).

We spent a night in the conference room of our checked out hotel (there was no transport to the airport. Our night flight was cancelled. We had no place to go). The hotel staff had kindly opened it up for stranded people like us. They provided tea, coffee, green tea and cold water (so sweet of them!). We shared a table with a Japanese couple and 2 other Japanese. In the morning when the train services partially came back, many started to leave the conference room. I noticed that these lovely Japanese bothered to return the cups to the original tables, pushed back the chairs and took their trash. The tables were cleaned up properly. When the Japanese left our table, they politely bowed to us before going off.

I seriously wonder if I will ever see that here in my country. We have lots to learn! I sincerely wish that the radiation disaster can be resolved soon.


I bought alot of treasures from Tokyo. I love their bead shops. This is my recent piece of work where I used quite alot of my loot. A treasure of treasures.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Royal Lady Digital Painting - The journey

I salute all the painters who can consistently and persistently keep drawing and painting. Completing this one piece of work is a very long process for me -- took me about 78 hours! I am a basic learner, I guess that is why I am painfully slow. **sweat**

The completed work.


The long journey began...

The sketch. This was what I had in mind. It is important to have a reference picture as a base. Thereafter I modified to what I want.

WIP 1. This is after several hours of work. I realised the face was too big for her and decided to down scale it. I took a break and started pondering over it. This helps me to identify the flaws.

WIP 2. Corrected the flaws. And painted the clothes. The head-dress looked far from good so I decided to scrap it.

Worked for more hours today. There are still lots of flaws. Fine-tuning is required. But my interest in continuing her today is wearing out thin. =P So it is considered done!

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks especially to those who have been giving me encouragement -- You give me the fuel to continue! =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

The beautiful world of Rolex

I have never been a fan of Rolex watches. Always thought that they are for the older folks (possibly because I am heavily influenced by our culture here, where the old aunties and uncles tend to want and wear Rolex watches) although I know that this brand is very popular among the rich and young in countries like Japan and HK.

So I ventured to their website today. There are some beautiful exquisite styles that caught my eye. So I am sharing them here with you. ^_^ I guess I can only put them on my wishlist. Photos from Rolex website -

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!!