Saturday, January 31, 2009

New items update

New items are now available at both my Etsy shop and my Blogshop.

1) Garden Fiesta Bracelet

Feels like wearing a garland of flowers round your wrist! =) I love this piece!

This lovely bracelet is made with lots of love - Japanese glass cabochon, rose clays, crystals and seed beads woven onto a metal filigree. The back is covered by another filigree so your skin will not be pricked by the string ends. I added crystal rounds, pink opals and more seed beads for the rest of the bracelet.

Measures about 7 inches long and can be further extended.

2) Golden Circles Earrings


Happy pair of earrings! =) With pearls and sweet sparkly crystals. Let this pair of cheery earrings accompany you in your girls' night out or shopping.

Measures about 1.8 inches from end to end.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stores Update

Yet another week has passed. I have a new listing on my Etsy shop and Blog shop. This pair of earrings is called "Flowers for Me". Please drop by to take a look, there are clearer photos posted there! =)


On a separate note, I want to post about my new found love - anime figurine. Take a look at the picture below. Cool Nasca, artwork by the famous Shunya Yamashita. This is a 1/6 PVC figurine by Lilacs Art Storm Co., Ltd. Most probably you can't find it anywhere now except on eBay. She is limited in availability - too popular!

Photo taken from

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Favourites from Rakuten!

Part 2 of my Rakuten wishlist. Do you know that you can buy items from this website even though you are located overseas? This is possible as long as the shop which you are ordering from provides international shipping.  ^_^  And they accept credit cards from VISA and Mastercard now.

Here are my items on the wishlist!! Just realised they are mostly purple gemstones.

1) Tourmaline Pink Gold Ring

2) Amethyst with Diamond Pink Gold Ring

3) Another Amethyst with Diamond Pink Gold Ring

4) "Expressions" -  Amethyst with Diamond Pink Gold Ring

5) Another "Expressions" Ring - Not sure what the stone is though

Want to see more? Hope over to their site. =)

Shop update! =)

New item update! Now available in both my blopshop and etsy shop.

"Love Me Please" bracelet - Made of Japanese ceramic rose, rock crystal quartz nuggets, labradorite rondelles, czech beads and seed beads. Notice how the czech beads on the focal bring out the pattern of the silver filigree below. Very precious indeed!  Cost - USD$33.

love me please

Friday, January 02, 2009

My 2nd Figurine!

I bought my second figurine yesterday. ^_^ Beat Blades Haruka: Takamori Haruka is a 1/8 PVC figure. This babe costs SGD95, she was the last set on the shelf. I'm glad I got her. She's a real beauty!

Check out this blog "Shin-Otaku". Lots of updates on figurines, anime, JPop etc. He bought Takamori Haruka too and his photos are beautiful!! I have posted one of his photos below for your viewing pleasure.


Store update (1 Jan 09) - I made one ring yesterday "My Little Garden". This is a fully adjustable ring. It is now available on my etsy. I have also included a photo of my rings placed side by side. Lovely view, isn't it?  =)