Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Eye Candies from Rakuten - the PINK GOLD theme

Just want to share more beauties from this Japanese online shopping website.
1) Pink Gold Amethyst Ring

2) Pink Gold Rhodolite Garnet Ring

3) Pink Gold Diamond Ring

4) Pink Gold with Rose Quartz and Pearls

Before I end, here's a sneak peak on my upcoming post in a few days' time.... Little Branded checking out the Wheel of Angels.


Brittney Iturrey said...

Hey there, I LOVE these rings! I was wondering if you could direct link me to them? :) I can't seem to navigate the Japanese page so well, but they're too gorgeous to pass up!

By the way, is there a marking for the metal in these rings? I'm allergic to anything below 14k. =/

Please respond to :) Thanks so much!

jeanee' said...

Those rings are absolutely gorgeous! I was wondering if you could give me a link to the garnet ring. I tried looking them up on Rakuten but can't find them?
I would really appreciate it.
Thanks and God bless..