Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday - A Day I Try to Find Myself Subconciously

Just stumbled upon a Christian blog on "One Thousand Gifts". This is an old post, dated Nov 2006. It talked about listing one thousand gifts - One thousand gifts that she has. What a lovely reminder. As I write my blogs, I often think about the things I want, my wishlist. I totally (indeed, totally) forget the precious things I already have. Perhaps we could all start to count our plentiful blessings and keep counting... and counting.

I took a picture of the clouds at my balcony earlier. It was a hot day... aren't the clouds beautiful?

Ever heard of the group "Libera"? They are a young boys choir, all of them are blessed with angelic-like voices. I just bought their new album "New Dawn" - truly amazing songs inside! YouTube has one of their famous work - Sanctus. Click here to the site.

My favourite pick of the week (thank God for creative talented artists!):-

Sunday, April 20, 2008

走过的街 - 4℃

美丽的亮亮店,友善的店员,亲切的服务。。。好怀念Palette Town的4℃首饰店。相信你也很怀念吧。今天上网看了看4℃的网页。好漂亮啊。

Picture taken from 4℃website.

自己的亮亮是多到可怕。那“粉红金”项链一直是我非常喜欢的项链。它应该会是我这生其中一样最珍贵的东西。如果有机会,我希望能回去那梦幻,浪漫的Palette Town.


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Saturday, April 19, 2008

想念 - 智者+王者

Things I bought, things that came this week...


~ 最喜欢我们走过。。。东京浪漫的铁塔,美丽的涉谷和耀眼的摩天轮
~ 最怀念你帮我揭开难缠的电脑难题
~ 最感谢你在我无助,难过的时候给我温暖

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bracelet and new pair of shoes!

Finally finished a bracelet. This was started at least 2 weeks ago. Made of polymer clay rose focal, ruby heart drops, ametrine marquise, crystal rounds, bali beads and czech beads. And I was so lucky to spot this pair of かわいいshoes earlier while doing a little window shopping after lunch. Oh yes, I have fully recovered from my horrible tummy ache which lasted for 3 days. It was so wonderful to be able to enjoy nice Japanese noodles without having to feel stomach pain after the meal. =) Back to the shoes... they are so unique - with different pictures sewed on each shoe and the shoe straps are different too. The straps are wrapped round the shoes. Pic below shows 2 pairs of beloved shoes - left ones are from Clarks and right ones are the new pair I bought today. Here's a close up of the new babe:-

End note to myself (I've learnt quite a bit last week):-

1) Never eat anything which tastes/ smells weird. Serves me right for eating weird chilli and didn't stop myself even though I suspected something was wrong.
2) Never think a person is simple or straight forward, even though he/ she looks like one. A person who is highly educated is not a person who is intelligent in every thing. We all know that. I just cannot believe I need to be taught a big lesson to learn this again.
3) Never trust a person's words totally, especially if I have just known the person for a few weeks. Again, we all know this. And I thought I know this very well. But alas....

I have a sweet colleague who keeps her Facebook strictly for her family members. I think it is a great idea. A wonderful tool to keep in touch and a quick way to know how everyone is doing... even a safe haven from the harshness of the world. This blog is my haven but it is not as sheltered as I hope it would be. Enough of my grumblings... all things will be well in the end.

Friday, April 11, 2008

sweet dolls, new necklace and other stuff

I saw pictures of these sweet dolls from the LatiDoll website.... The pic below is taken from LatiDoll's website. This sweetie is named Coco from the yellow series. Pictures are purposely shrunk to be small. Please refer to the official site for the full blown lovely pic!

There are alot of beautiful and sweet dolls available for purchase but they don't come cheap (unlike most Barbies... sorry, I am not a fan of Barbies!). My wishlist includes Coco and Cara... **hearts**

I am a good girl *hahahahaa*... I made a simple necklace 2 days back. Hubby doesn't think it is nice. *LOL* I appreciate his comments nevertheless. Anyway, here's the pic.

Wasn't in the best of health this week (still unwell). Had fever at around 37.6-37.9 and was shivering like mad for two evenings. Suspect I ate something unclean on Wednesday night... *sighz* Hopefully I can recover soon, it's really a waste to spend my weekend being ill.

Just added - a new pic. Thought I'd just squeeze it here....

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What's up this weekend?

Love cats? There's a Championship Cat Show at Expo today. These are well-groom cats, not the usual stray cats I see on the streets. They are loved much by their owners (well decorated cages, nice warm blankets and regular cuddles + grooming). I took some pics, not of the best quality but you can see how cute these cats are!

I'm a layman in cats appreciation. To me, strays and pedigreed cats are the same - equally cute and in need of love. Check out the Cat Welfare Society to find out how we can help!

Besides going to the cat show, I went bling hunting. I think I'm seriously bored and lazy and hence looking for new things to keep me entertained. Sound like I am having a wasted life. **LOL** Maybe... To protect hubby's wallet, I stopped myself from buying any diamonds. Instead I got myself a LV Suhali bracelet. Well, not a good move anyway (where's the new year resolution?!). This bracelet is something I like for the longest time ... I'm real glad I got it. Hope it fits my wrist well. And lastly, as usual, my doodle...

And not forgetting new items in my shop