Sunday, June 15, 2008


I get inspiration from:-

~ flowers. I love flowers, all types of flowers. I take pictures of wild flowers, flowers that bloom from people's pots (you know, those low balconies where people grow their own plants...) etc. My love for flowers prompted me to make jewelry with the floral theme *heart*

~ the beautiful stones and crystals I bought. You'd see my loot when you scroll down. *wink*

Many times my well of inspiration is pretty dry. I look at the same stone, the same findings for many weeks or months before I make anything.

I also don't sketch my design. I know many of the artists out there would sketch their designs and modify, refine before they proceed to create their beauties. I guess I am too lazy. I have lots of mental drawings but I never put them down on paper. Such ideas usually 'evaporate' (oh yes, I can't remember them) within 5 minutes or so. Talking about getting old! I'm very thankful though that despite having few creations, I have sales coming in, especially this year. My greatest encouragement comes from customers' happiness when they receive the parcel of goodies. It is indeed heartwarming when they tell me how beautiful the jewelry is. ^_^

The appreciation spurs me to buy more lovely beads and findings. So much joy I have when I see my loot spread out on the table!

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