Thursday, June 05, 2008

Earrings and more earrings... and my current state of mind

A new pair of earrings I made a few days back using rose quartz stones, lampwork beads made by Kandice Seeber and crystals. Was in low spirits yesterday, trying to get out of such depressing state. Still trying. Hubby wrote to say he has seen me overcome similar unhappiness before and he feels I can do it. I was touched to see his words and it has given me strength to stay 'afloat' for a day and a day. Bit by bit. I really hope I can overcome it. I spend when I am unhappy. Lucky(?) for me, I got these lovelies from Jennifermorrisbeads (from etsy). She's really lovely and polite. I'm looking forward to my sweet earrings.
God loves everyone, including those who spitefully hurt others, those who are selfish, those who are possessive, those who mentally torture others... Oh yes, these people are not happy themselves. They suffer and they are in need of love. So the Lord is there. He loves them. I will not ask God to punish You-know-who-they-are, for He knows what is best and He can see the hearts of men. But I don't wish to be the loser, I don't wish to be the person who cannot let go of the hatred inside me. It is so difficult to wish these people well and I'm not even thinking about forgiveness yet. Forgiveness in this case is indeed only possible with Him. I'm not ready yet, not ready yet....

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