Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a hurdle to cross

Remember my custom made "Sunset" necklace in my last post? The sweet customer received her necklace today and she said it's pretty. However, my weaved fishline on the back of the filigree is pricking her and she feels uncomfortable wearing it. I made some suggestions to her on what she can do to try remove the prickiness. She hasn't get back to me but I hope she is able to get rid of the uncomfy feeling.

I feel apologetic towards her and disappointed with myself. I checked all my current pieces for prickiness but found none. And yet this happens to a customed piece, which is suppose to be perfect. I guess I would feel lousy for the night and try to pick myself up tomorrow. I must do my best to check my work and ensure such things don't happen again.

I'm not sure how others would see me and my work because of what I shared above but I guess it doesn't matter. It happened and I need to learn from my mistake.

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