Saturday, June 21, 2008

Customed order completed - "Sunset" Necklace

Today I completed a customed order - "Sunset". Made of Swarovski crystal weaved on 2 brass filigrees, with big round crystals and a gold leaf. I also added more crystals on the chain and twisted jump rings on my own. The twisting was quite tedious but fun.

Take a look at the bracelet first... this was sold to a sweet lady recently. Thereafter she requested for a matching necklace so that her lovely daughter can have the bracelet.

Here's the necklace I have done (more photos can be found from my Flickr photostream):-

I hope she likes what I have done. =)


While walking up an escalator in a mall this afternoon, I saw this advertisement showing the most GORGEOUS watch... Perrelet's Flower Diamond 2008 Luxury Watch **heart heart heart** Such beauty! (Photo taken from Perrelet's website)

Ready for other heart-stopping watches? From Omega and Mont Blanc (photos taken from Omega and Mont Blanc respectively)

Where's the money tree?.....

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Angie said...

I like that flower watch. It is really very beautiful, diamonds are placed perfectly and design is just superb. I too saw some beautiful watches at Fossil.