Sunday, April 06, 2008

What's up this weekend?

Love cats? There's a Championship Cat Show at Expo today. These are well-groom cats, not the usual stray cats I see on the streets. They are loved much by their owners (well decorated cages, nice warm blankets and regular cuddles + grooming). I took some pics, not of the best quality but you can see how cute these cats are!

I'm a layman in cats appreciation. To me, strays and pedigreed cats are the same - equally cute and in need of love. Check out the Cat Welfare Society to find out how we can help!

Besides going to the cat show, I went bling hunting. I think I'm seriously bored and lazy and hence looking for new things to keep me entertained. Sound like I am having a wasted life. **LOL** Maybe... To protect hubby's wallet, I stopped myself from buying any diamonds. Instead I got myself a LV Suhali bracelet. Well, not a good move anyway (where's the new year resolution?!). This bracelet is something I like for the longest time ... I'm real glad I got it. Hope it fits my wrist well. And lastly, as usual, my doodle...

And not forgetting new items in my shop

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