Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bracelet and new pair of shoes!

Finally finished a bracelet. This was started at least 2 weeks ago. Made of polymer clay rose focal, ruby heart drops, ametrine marquise, crystal rounds, bali beads and czech beads. And I was so lucky to spot this pair of かわいいshoes earlier while doing a little window shopping after lunch. Oh yes, I have fully recovered from my horrible tummy ache which lasted for 3 days. It was so wonderful to be able to enjoy nice Japanese noodles without having to feel stomach pain after the meal. =) Back to the shoes... they are so unique - with different pictures sewed on each shoe and the shoe straps are different too. The straps are wrapped round the shoes. Pic below shows 2 pairs of beloved shoes - left ones are from Clarks and right ones are the new pair I bought today. Here's a close up of the new babe:-

End note to myself (I've learnt quite a bit last week):-

1) Never eat anything which tastes/ smells weird. Serves me right for eating weird chilli and didn't stop myself even though I suspected something was wrong.
2) Never think a person is simple or straight forward, even though he/ she looks like one. A person who is highly educated is not a person who is intelligent in every thing. We all know that. I just cannot believe I need to be taught a big lesson to learn this again.
3) Never trust a person's words totally, especially if I have just known the person for a few weeks. Again, we all know this. And I thought I know this very well. But alas....

I have a sweet colleague who keeps her Facebook strictly for her family members. I think it is a great idea. A wonderful tool to keep in touch and a quick way to know how everyone is doing... even a safe haven from the harshness of the world. This blog is my haven but it is not as sheltered as I hope it would be. Enough of my grumblings... all things will be well in the end.

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