Saturday, March 22, 2008

Celebrate Colours

A new set of colour pencils - Faber Castell's polychromos. The colours are beautiful. Though I have not used them extensively (just a little trial when I coloured a small portion of my drawing), I find them easy to use and truly they don't smudge... well, they haven't smudge yet.

I hope I'd be less lazy and finish up my drawing soon... **oink**

On a separate note, I received 6 lovely kawaii dolls as present last Thurs. Love them so much so that I took several pictures of them. =) They can be found at Takashimaya shopping center. If you love them as well, you know where to find them!
This week's favs - Orangetree's favs of the week...
1) lotusjewelrystudio - love the buttons, especially the baby blue and purple ones. The beautiful casings made for them. Delicately done... if only I have the money!
2) mcfarlanddesigns - mystic moonstone ring. The gem's colour is amazing - something which I love. She does customs too. *heart*

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