Friday, April 11, 2008

sweet dolls, new necklace and other stuff

I saw pictures of these sweet dolls from the LatiDoll website.... The pic below is taken from LatiDoll's website. This sweetie is named Coco from the yellow series. Pictures are purposely shrunk to be small. Please refer to the official site for the full blown lovely pic!

There are alot of beautiful and sweet dolls available for purchase but they don't come cheap (unlike most Barbies... sorry, I am not a fan of Barbies!). My wishlist includes Coco and Cara... **hearts**

I am a good girl *hahahahaa*... I made a simple necklace 2 days back. Hubby doesn't think it is nice. *LOL* I appreciate his comments nevertheless. Anyway, here's the pic.

Wasn't in the best of health this week (still unwell). Had fever at around 37.6-37.9 and was shivering like mad for two evenings. Suspect I ate something unclean on Wednesday night... *sighz* Hopefully I can recover soon, it's really a waste to spend my weekend being ill.

Just added - a new pic. Thought I'd just squeeze it here....

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