Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday - A Day I Try to Find Myself Subconciously

Just stumbled upon a Christian blog on "One Thousand Gifts". This is an old post, dated Nov 2006. It talked about listing one thousand gifts - One thousand gifts that she has. What a lovely reminder. As I write my blogs, I often think about the things I want, my wishlist. I totally (indeed, totally) forget the precious things I already have. Perhaps we could all start to count our plentiful blessings and keep counting... and counting.

I took a picture of the clouds at my balcony earlier. It was a hot day... aren't the clouds beautiful?

Ever heard of the group "Libera"? They are a young boys choir, all of them are blessed with angelic-like voices. I just bought their new album "New Dawn" - truly amazing songs inside! YouTube has one of their famous work - Sanctus. Click here to the site.

My favourite pick of the week (thank God for creative talented artists!):-

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