Sunday, July 31, 2011

17 more days before my 2nd work year anniversary with my current employer

I have been counting down since last month to my 2nd work year anniversary with my current employer. How many of us work just because of the money? Sadly, I am one of them. This job gives me the funds to pay my bills, accumulate some savings, support my passion and my materialistic cravings. Call me shallow, I am pretty used to that.

My dream job -- to open a beads cafe, where I get to sell quality beads and gemstones, with a corner of the shop selling petite pretty pastries and serving gourmet coffee and tea. Not sure how practical this dream job is, but I would love it! For now, I can only daydream about it.

Managed to create a pair of earrings last week. Check out my blog and etsy for more photos and details. =)

No matter where you are, hope you have a great week ahead.

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