Thursday, April 07, 2011

It has been a while

It has been some time since I last updated the blog. Not because I have forgotten. It is just that I came back from Japan about 3 weeks ago, yes, hubby and I were at Tokyo when the quake happened.

We went through a little episode of inconvenience - our flight was cancelled, we had no place to sleep, we felt the quake and shakes, we walked from Shibuya to Shinjuku together with the many Japanese commuters... It felt strange to talk about my loot from this trip, especially when the beautiful country is still mourning. I did however posted photos of my loot on flickr. Looks awfully sinful to me. But I was so happy with the pretty things, intricate designs and packages.

Just like what many people have commented - the Japanese have wonderful grace even when faced with great difficulties. At that time when it happened, they were so peaceful -- there was no shouts, no demands, no frantic panic (though I saw ladies in silent fear).

We spent a night in the conference room of our checked out hotel (there was no transport to the airport. Our night flight was cancelled. We had no place to go). The hotel staff had kindly opened it up for stranded people like us. They provided tea, coffee, green tea and cold water (so sweet of them!). We shared a table with a Japanese couple and 2 other Japanese. In the morning when the train services partially came back, many started to leave the conference room. I noticed that these lovely Japanese bothered to return the cups to the original tables, pushed back the chairs and took their trash. The tables were cleaned up properly. When the Japanese left our table, they politely bowed to us before going off.

I seriously wonder if I will ever see that here in my country. We have lots to learn! I sincerely wish that the radiation disaster can be resolved soon.


I bought alot of treasures from Tokyo. I love their bead shops. This is my recent piece of work where I used quite alot of my loot. A treasure of treasures.

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