Saturday, February 05, 2011

Royal Lady Digital Painting - The journey

I salute all the painters who can consistently and persistently keep drawing and painting. Completing this one piece of work is a very long process for me -- took me about 78 hours! I am a basic learner, I guess that is why I am painfully slow. **sweat**

The completed work.


The long journey began...

The sketch. This was what I had in mind. It is important to have a reference picture as a base. Thereafter I modified to what I want.

WIP 1. This is after several hours of work. I realised the face was too big for her and decided to down scale it. I took a break and started pondering over it. This helps me to identify the flaws.

WIP 2. Corrected the flaws. And painted the clothes. The head-dress looked far from good so I decided to scrap it.

Worked for more hours today. There are still lots of flaws. Fine-tuning is required. But my interest in continuing her today is wearing out thin. =P So it is considered done!

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks especially to those who have been giving me encouragement -- You give me the fuel to continue! =)

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