Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is coming! And my recent work

Christmas - my most loved holiday season of the year. It holds a special place in my heart. I hope you would have a great time spending the holiday with your loved ones. :)

To many, it is the time to give gifts to family members, friends and colleagues to show their appreciation. Here's my share of gifts wrapped and ready to be distributed on Tuesday! ^_^

During this period of time, I had the chance to clear my annual leave. Took some time to make a few jewelry pieces. I love such quiet undisturbed time, when my creative juices can just flow freely. =)

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Jun said...

Hi Can I ask you where you learnt to make jewelry?
Also, the Japanese jewelry are so lovely and delicate! I wonder why no one in Singapore has tried to make them this way? e,g, Lee Hwa, Soo Kee. After all they are also real diamonds/gold right?

Phoebe said...

Hi Jun,

I am a self taught artisan. =)

Perhaps consumers from the Singapore market here like simpler designs, bigger diamonds and gemstones.

Yes, the ones from Japan are made of real gold and diamonds. In fact, diamonds are very expensive there compared to Singapore.