Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and more stuff made!

Wishing all lovely friends a very blessed year ahead. May the Lord watch over you, keep you safe and bless you with lots of happiness every day.  =)

My Christmas this year was a peaceful one. Spent quietly with my DH, watching HK drama serials most of the time.


Had the chance to complete 2 other earrings - "Purplets" (gift for my friend) and a pair of commissioned earrings. Purplets earrings are made of amethyst discs, crystal bicones and crystal droplets. The commissioned earrings are made of rock crystal quartz nuggets, czech flower beads and gold-filled loop.


commissioned earrings


Kay Sommers said...

hi orangetree!! :DDDD

thanks for linking my blog! i found it when googling my shop name. XD

however, i'm switching to blogspot, wordpress is too slow for my connection and it doesn't allow etsy & artfire minis. so yeah, i finally go with blogspot x3 here's my blogspot --> :D

Phoebe said...

Hi Kay, got it! Beautiful new blog you have!! =)

Lisa Amber said...

Hi! Nice earrings! I like violet one mostly. :)

By the way, take a look at my jewelry blog here -
I post my jewelry advices and different gems revues here.:)

Any comments are welcome.

Phoebe said...

thanks, Lisa! nice site you have