Sunday, December 21, 2008

Breakthrough - Romantic Jasper Bracelet

(For sharper photos, please click here to my Flickr).

This piece is a ChALLenGe! This is my very first attempt to weave 2 filigrees together, add a clay rose (I bought this from the etsy seller, beadsupplies) and surround it with milky seed beads. Then I have the filigrees clawed to a Jasper stone (a gift from Geanie! thanks, dear) and used silver chains to keep it secure. How much work is that? Hours!.. of planning, staring, designing and putting into action.

I am greatly encouraged by the feedback given by the forumers from Starving Jewelry Artists on this bracelet. This forum is the most amazing craft forums I have seen so far. The bond among the members is really strong. =)

Christmas is coming! Have you prepared your heart to celebrate with the Lord?  ^_^

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