Friday, January 02, 2009

My 2nd Figurine!

I bought my second figurine yesterday. ^_^ Beat Blades Haruka: Takamori Haruka is a 1/8 PVC figure. This babe costs SGD95, she was the last set on the shelf. I'm glad I got her. She's a real beauty!

Check out this blog "Shin-Otaku". Lots of updates on figurines, anime, JPop etc. He bought Takamori Haruka too and his photos are beautiful!! I have posted one of his photos below for your viewing pleasure.


Store update (1 Jan 09) - I made one ring yesterday "My Little Garden". This is a fully adjustable ring. It is now available on my etsy. I have also included a photo of my rings placed side by side. Lovely view, isn't it?  =)

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