Thursday, December 11, 2008

My First Giveaway ^_^

free earrings

This is my first giveaway. I'm giving away this lovely pair of earrings which features lovely birds and heart-shaped rose pearls. Rules of the game are simple:-

1) Go to my etsy shop or blogshop.

2) Select one item which you love the most.

3) Post your comment under this post here on (a) which item you have selected and (b) explain why you love it.

4) One person per entry.

I will conduct a draw on 19 Dec 08 (10pm Singapore time) and post the result on this blog on 20 Dec 08 at 11am Singapore time. So please do check back. =) If you have difficulty in posting your comment, please feel free to e-mail it to me at


HerMiNi said...

the Love Birds Sweet Earrings is so sweet & lovely! hmm why i like it... simply because i feel connected to little birdies (yes, including the live ones chirping merrily always :P) lalalalala ~ Merry X'mas!

Linda said...

My favourite piece is the item called the Baroque Elegance:)

The bead work is exquisite and the combination of colours are simply superb!

I can wear this kind of jewellery to any it casual or formal.

Merry Christmas!!

Gaby Santiago said...

I liked the bubblegum sugar bracelet!
I love the pink colors in it and the romantic bead caps! It looks very feminine!
Happy holidays from San Antonio, TX!!

Midnight said...

Geez, we have to pick just ONE?

Ohhh, alright.... if I HAVE to pick just ONE, I'd have to say the Bubblegum Sugar Lampwork Bracelet. I'm definitely a "pink" person. :D

I love the combination of beads you've used, and that dragonfly toggle reminds me of warmer weather, which will be upon us before we know it. Such a lovely piece, absolutely dreamy!

Thanks for holding such a great giveaway, and best holiday wishes to all! -;@

Michelle said...

I love the honey & milk bracelet. It is so unique & elegant.

It attracts my sight on the first look because of its great combination.....

violetmoon said...

I just love the "winter Sonata Necklace"

So far I have seen a lot of filigree work in "Japanese" style, never I have seen 3 parts put together and made it look like 1.

I specialy love this one, I'm not sure why but I think it's gorgeous!!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Daniella said...

Your jewerly is really pretty! But if i have to pick one item i liked the most. it has to be the Swarovski filigree cross. its so pretty! Its elegant and sober yet it can bring to life a simple white tshirt combo. It has that eclectic touch that can be worn with anything, it matches my style very much...right now im thinking tons of ideas on how to wear it as a necklace, brooch, head pin....

Rosnee said...

I love the 'For the Princess Earrings'..

Awesome creation, sweet and lovely.. Makes one look feminine on every other occasions. Excellent combination of beads..

Merry Xmas!

Oni said...
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JEH3V said...

Although ALL of your things are absolutely beautiful, I'm going to have to go with the Bubblegum sugar lampwork bracelet as my favorite. I love the color pink, so it appeals to me in that way, and I also love the girly, vintage feel to it. All of the beads are just beautiful! Merry Christmas from Jeh3v @ TPF!

TygerKitty said...

Oh wow, gorgeous jewelry! I'm glad to have stumbled onto your pieces! Although I love many of your pieces... my favorite is the London Blue Earrings followed by the Winter Sonata Necklace and Bubblegum Sugar Bracelet in a close second!!! However, the earrings are delicate yet emboldened with the bright blue beads and gorgeous flowers. They are very "me" and although I'm typically a pink person; this blue speaks to me like stained glass in a church! So pretty!

The Giveaway Diva said...

oh oww i love the Dusty Rose Necklace! you have some wonderful stuff!!

Phoebe said...

thank you everyone for participating. =) and thanks to those who supported me by buying and ordering my jewelry pieces! I appreciate you!