Sunday, October 07, 2012

Counting down to Christmas

Christmas is coming. Just 2 months more or so from now.

As I was window shopping at CityHall, I stopped by (the outside of) my favourite shop... checking out the new figurines on display. "Wow, they have christmas stuff on sale now." I told my hubby. "The little mice are so cute. New additions to the shop...." I added.

And this pretty babe caught my eye. Intricate works, truly an art piece. This is a sculpture made by the talented people from Wee Forest Folk. Check out their website for more sweet delicate figurines.

After much deliberation (talking, persuading, reasoning...and big time struggle within myself), I decided to adopt her. =) This piece is named "Oh My, A Christmas Present!".

I am so in love with her. Look at the petite christmas decoration on her head, the sweet look of surprise and the lovely red little christmas present left on her doorstep... on the snow!

A slightly turned view. I love the Christmas wreath on the door, with little bit of snow flakes piling on top. See the pink cheeks of the sweetie mouse.  ^_^

The wonderful thing about this piece is that you see careful intricate works at the back too - the photo showing her beloved partner (look at the frame design), the cookies and the red wine, the present on the super delicate carpet... did you spot the christmas tree with the yellow star?

Swoon***** I love her, love her, love her. Cutie is now seated in my cupboard, sharing the space with my collection of blings and works.

Indulge I did, probably the last one this year. Must learn to exercise self control, especially during this period of difficult time.

Love to all the beautiful friends, who showed me care and support. ♥   I am grateful. May this Christmas be especially warm and joyous to you.

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