Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday... and I am grateful

Life has been very tough for me these few weeks. Without going into the specifics, it literally sucked out my joy and threw me into one of the darkest pits of my life.

But I am blessed with wonderful friends and bosses, who have been very supportive and understanding. And I am blessed with an encouraging husband, who has been quietly giving me his love and trying his best to cheer me up.

Yesterday was my birthday. I remember I threw my temper on hubby last year on my birthday when he forgot to make reservation at a popular restaurant, resulting in us having to find another eating place. I feel very apologetic whenever I recall how badly I treated him. *sigh*... This year, I was totally distracted and hence couldn't care much about my birthday. And strangely the things he did and effort he put in gave me much warmth and love.

He took me to lunch at "Level 33" ( at Marina Bay Financial Centre. A restaurant with own made beers and a view -- You can see the ferris wheel and CBD skyscrapers. I had beef burger (huge!) and a glass of craft beer. Hubby had beer too and All Day Breakfast. It is a popular place with the caucasians, I thought that we were the only Singaporeans in the entire restaurant. *hoooot*

I had wanted to buy for myself a Tiffany Key and had been planning since more than a month ago. However, with the recent turn of events, I could no longer afford such luxury. Hubby knew of my Tiffany craze and offered to buy it for me as a birthday present. I was very touched.

After browsing at the boutique at Takashimaya, I changed my mind! My heart went out to a white gold with pave diamond bracelet ( She is called "Daisy bracelet". It is dainty and suitable for daily wear... and it doesn't burn a big hole in hubby's pocket. Although the diamonds are petite, they are very sparkly! I like the Sales Assistant, she is accomodating and helpful. Overall, a wonderful experience.

At night, Hubby took me back to MBS again. This time, we headed to the Chocolate Bar ( for a chocolate buffet. 90% of the food there are chocolates! From our table, we can see the beautiful Gardens by the Bay and even the sea (it was too dark to actually SEE the sea though. But I can see many ships docking out there). The restaurant was so nice to bring out a dish with 2 little cakes with candles, and the words "Happy Birthday Phoebe".  ^_^

This is the best birthday date with Hubby. I can see and feel his tender loving kindness.

To all the wives out there - if your hubby is a gem, pls treasure him with all your might and strength. Always remember the beautiful things he has done and the loving words he told you. Don't be clouded by a temporary shortcoming. We don't live forever, he is just on loan to you for you to love for a finite period of time....

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