Friday, December 14, 2012

Counting down to Christmas - Back from HK!

Less than 11 days to Christmas! Are you excited yet? =)

I just came back from a short holiday in Hong Kong. Hubby felt that I needed a break so he took the initiative to book the air-tickets and hotel room. **sweet**

And so we went and had quite a good time there. HK is a food and shopping heaven. We ate ate ate and ate, I bought bought bought and bought. ^_^

My spread of loot.... here goes!  **drum roll**

Organic masks and toner - My interest in organic face care products is growing. Many of the products in market are full of harmful chemicals, it is difficult to find good ones with organic "ingredients". Hence I got excited after spotting this shop, went in to find out more. Bought the masks and tried one of them 2 days ago. I like the texture and the fact that my face did not get red and painful after applying.  =)  It is also easy to wash off.

Jill Stuart Relax Set - The sales ladies at the JS counter were not approachable so I only bought this set. It includes a Body Cream, a Hair Mist and a Hand Cream, with a soft tote. I told hubby that I can use the tote when we are out for nearby weekend dinner.  <3 br="br">

Sony Vaio Duo 11 - Present from hubby for Christmas. I am using it to write this blog post now. Love it!! The keyboard and touch screen are best combo together!  **heart**

Halo silver ring - I found this beauty during random window shopping in Sogo. It is a silver ring with halo setting, so it is very affordable. Love it!

Rolex Oyster Perpectual Datejust - Shall do a separate post on this special babe.

The loot group photo. Many of the items are gifts for others. =)

This kind of sums up my haul. Thanks to hubby, I am able to buy many things I love, despite the difficult situation I am in. Of course, I need to control and continue to diligently save my money, it is not right at all to keep spending. 

If you are also in some "pits" like me, pls do give yourself a break. But remember to brace up and keep walking after you have rested. Let's press on together.  =)

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