Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stores Update

Yet another week has passed. I have a new listing on my Etsy shop and Blog shop. This pair of earrings is called "Flowers for Me". Please drop by to take a look, there are clearer photos posted there! =)


On a separate note, I want to post about my new found love - anime figurine. Take a look at the picture below. Cool Nasca, artwork by the famous Shunya Yamashita. This is a 1/6 PVC figurine by Lilacs Art Storm Co., Ltd. Most probably you can't find it anywhere now except on eBay. She is limited in availability - too popular!

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juwelen said...

hey, your "Flowers for Me" earrings are adorable! i love them! i'll surely look around your shop some more!

Phoebe said...

Thank you! =)