Tuesday, July 15, 2008

EtsyBlogger Carnival - My favourite creation

For this month's EtsyBlogger Carnival, I am submitting my contribution on the topic relating to "My Favourite Creation".

This picture below shows my painting done sometime end of last year, before I started work with my current employer. Why is it so special? Because it was my first painting after 10 years or so (since graduation from high school). Eversince I stepped out into the working society, I stopped painting. It felt so wonderful when I finally finished this drawing.
It is far from good but it is still an achievement to me... And hence my favourite creation.

(used Acrylic paints)

I am doing another painting right now, it is about 70% completed. I hope there will be more (I must stop being so lazy!!!).


storybeader said...

that's great looking - good for you. just needed a little push, right?

Patti said...

Thats certainly not "far from good"...it's wonderful!

miesmama said...

It's wonderful - keep going!!!!

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful!

Keep up the lovely artistry.


Phoebe said...

Dear Storybeader, Patti, miesmama and Lily - thanks so much for your compliments and thanks for dropping by! =)

Shell Mitchell said...

Beautiful painting. xoxo, shell

Phoebe said...

thanks, Shell, for your compliment =)