Saturday, May 03, 2008

The weekend is here

I just LOVE this drawing - the bob hairstyle, her eyes and nose. What a lady with character! Love it so much that I bought it last night. Check out this talented artist's etsy shop. And her lovely gallery.

Next on my "To-Buy" list should be from Art.and.Ghost. She is so artistic and creative. Some of my favourites include:-

The weekend is finally here. A routine of sleeping late the previous night, getting up late on Saturday, lazing around, going out for some shopping... I love Saturdays!

Perhaps it was the red wine that I drank (we had girls' night out on Friday) or perhaps I was too tired... I travelled to dreamland and had one of the most amazing dreams - I became a mother and I saw my son. A child of less than one year old and he was riding on my hubby. I can't recall his features now but I know he was a cute sweet boy. Naughty he was, pulling hubby's hair gently and chuckling non-stop. That was a strange dream as both me and hubby never plan to have any kids. I guess I caught a feel on how it's like to be a mother - full of love for the baby and great joy too. Blessed are all the mothers in the world as they are able to enjoy this love that they have for their kids. As for me, I still maintain my decision that we will not have a child, not at this moment.


Carrie said...

The necklace on the drawing you bought is amazing! Does the artist say if it is real?

Phoebe said...

Hi Carrie, thanks for dropping by my blog. :) I'm not sure if there is the necklace in real life though. It was not mentioned on her etsy site. I have yet to received the pic. Takes about a week for shipping.