Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My MSN display pic and The Devil **LOL**

Out of context totally... I want to talk about my msn display picture. It's a photo of me and I have added the "browning" effect so it has an aged look. I was not smiling in the picture, perhaps I did, it was too small a smile to get noticed when I posted the thingy on msn.

I have feedback on my display picture soon after i put it on msn! All of them complained that I looked fierce. Some said I looked ghostly! I am not offended at all, just amazed that the picture disturbed them so much that they have to complain. One protested and told me not to send any messages to him if I don't take down the picture. Wow... what a reaction!

No picture to show here, it is stored in my office PC.

I guess I will take down my little photo tomorrow and replace it with something else... **sighz**


Heard of "Mawang"/ The Devil? This is a Korean drama serial which was released last year (I think). I am watching it online now. Currently at Episode One. So far so good. =) Interested? Take a peep here.

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