Friday, May 16, 2008

Bags and More on The Devil 마왕

Sharing some of the lovely handmade leather bags I found on etsy:-
1) MoxieandOliver

2) tmStudioDesigns

Finished the Korean drama serial "Mawang" earlier. A meaningful show, full of suspense and mystery. I love this song "The Scent of Light" from the original soundtrack. This is the first drama serial that I didn't fast forward any part of the story. The whole serial was very nicely done (except the shaky images at some portions which I do not understand why the cameraman chose to do it that way). A fanmade mv taken from youtube below:-

If you have the chance, watch this show. It's really worth watching. =) Edited to add that the main story is not totally logical to me but the cast is fantastic - everyone acted very well. Overall, it is indeed worth the watch to me.

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