Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have spent again!!

Hubby finally realised that I should never be allowed into a watch boutique.

We went to Takashimaya yesterday... He said that there is the Hour Glass boutique and suggested to take a look at the Philip Stein watch which I had on my wishlist. Alas, it was a bad idea -- I saw the watches and quickly picked one. In a matter of less than 30 mins in the shop, I asked him if I could get the watch. **LOL** So this babe went home with me!

I am very curious if the Teslar technology really helps to reduce overall stress and promote well being of the wearer. Most likely I would start wearing this beauty after my birthday next month. I love the diamond markers, the dual clock and watch face. Also like the ease of changing the leather strap - I do plan to get more straps in the near future. ^_^
I must stop spending. Wouldn't want to "squander" all my hard earned bonus!

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