Friday, July 03, 2009

Love my loot!!!

Perhaps it is every beader's dream to own a proper tool set. Not only would they make the jewelry making process easier, they also enhance the overall experience (well, professional tools make me feel like a professional too, though I am far from one **LOL**). So I bought my very first professional BeadSmith tool set today... with hubby's money. *evil grin* I am so in love with them! 8 tools packed nicely in a blue pouch. Chain nose pliers, bent chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers...etc etc... wow! Can't wait to use them.

Also managed to get my hands on LOTS of Japanese clay and ceramic flowers. These are sooooo pretty, I am very tempted to buy the entire supply from the shop. These flower beads are made in Japan. They are rare and only few are available here. I grab alot whenever they are in stock. In the end, I spent close to $150 for the tool set and supplies. My miserable effort in saving money indeed. =P

Have a GREAT weekend.  **lots of hugs** Thanks for dropping by!   Sok Fung - thanks for being such a supporter. **heart**

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