Sunday, July 12, 2009

Amazing Craftopolis

Heard of Craftopolis? It is a site which allows Etsy online shop owners to see if they have been featured in any treasury or gift guide. It also allows users to know the remaining time to the opening of Etsy treasuries.

Just found out that Craftopolis has a new feature and.... it is COOL! Now Etsy shop owners (like you and me ^_^) can know the number of "followers" we have for our shop and the individual items listed in our shop. Just by a click or two. Amazing!

Here are screen captures of the new feature:-

1) "Followers" of the shop -
Tells you how many "hearted" your shop for the particular month and date. Wow!!

Zoom in for better view.

2) Etsy users who "hearted" the item listed in your shop -
Again, it tells you how many "hearted" the item for the month and date. Also, you can tell how many in total love your item when you hover your mouse over to the item.

Zoom in for better view.

Etsy shop owners, go try the new stuff now! Really cool! **woohoo!!!

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