Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Today is THE Day!

Today is the day, a new year, a new beginning....

Frankly, life is the same for me. Nice breakfast of tea and toasted butter kaya bread in the morning. Window shopping in such casual mode. Beautiful weather - breezy, cooling and cosy. Oh yes, there is a 'smell' of cosiness in the air!

I never made any new year resolutions in the past. But this year I have one... To cut down on my unnecessary spending. I bought a lot of stuff last year - watches, bags, wallets, jewelry etc. I love them but I know they are not essentials in my life. It's not reasonable to expect myself not to spend totally, so I hope I would at least cut down on such spending.

And I made something a few days back. It's called Tranquility. I plan to make more cos I love this design. ^_^

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