Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back from Japan - here are my yummies from the trip!

I am back from Japan! ^_^ This time I went to beautiful Osaka and Kyoto. It was a short trip but I totally enjoyed it. **woot!

Sakura flowers have not bloomed in the mountains. We did not see any when we went to Yoshinoyama (Yoshino mountain) but we did saw full blooms on the streets of Gion and Nara. The weather was just nice -- just like in the air-con room. =)

My loot is much smaller from this trip than from my previous one. Did not spend on cosmetics and face care products. **ooohhhhh

As usual, I bought several jewelry pieces from Agete. These are petite stackable yellow gold petite rings, with diamonds.

♥With pearl♥

♥With opal (top ring)♥

I also bought a pair from earrings from Take-Up.

♥ Rose gold earrings with mother-of-pearl flowers, gemstones and CZs

My other haul includes Kalafina and FF XIII-2 CDs, aromatic sakura incense sticks, beautiful kimono crafted accessories, Yojiya hair care essence and Soul earphones.

Hubby bought me a Burberry crossbody beige bag as a workbag. =) I joked that my workbags are always Coach or Burberry.

Thank you for sharing my happiness. If you are thinking of going to Japan but hesitated because of language, you can be rest assured that it is actually not as bad as you think! If I can do it, so can you! Many restaurants have English menu and many words are actually translated from English. If all else fails, just use the universal language -- hand signal and body language. =)


Il Mare Atelier said...

I love reading about your trips to Japan and especially your shopping! I believe I should get some tips from you the next time I'm planning a trip :)

By the way, those rings from Agete are so dainty - actually perfect for our weather here!

Phoebe said...

Thanks! =) My pleasure. Kyoto is too beautiful. You will definitely love it there.

Agete has always been my fav jewelry brand. I will buy the entire shop if I have the $$. Heh heh