Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday blues

The truth is, I have Sunday blues every week. Definitely not looking forward to work. How many of us actually dread work every day? Drag ourselves up from bed, push ourselves through the office door, force ourselves to deal with the work that needs to be done, liaise with the people whom we don't like... and the cycle repeats again the next day.

The truth is, I wish I can quit and not worry about the bills/ loans I need to pay. Do a part-time job and spend the remaining days working on my jewelry pieces. Perhaps such a dream is achievable. It is just a matter of "If I Dare".

Sacrifice the want for more beautiful things - the expensive black leather watch, the beautiful B-bag or even the Chanel. Sacrifice the life of comfort - going around without a car (I really dislike taking the train and bus, the journey of more than an hour to any interesting place is enough to kill my enthusiasm.), the relatively big house that I have now.

Ranting will not make me feel better. It is afterall Sunday, 7.03pm.

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