Friday, August 07, 2009

I still love drawing after so many years

When I said "many years", I really mean it! Started doodling on unwanted magazines (for those who can remember this "must-have" TV magazine back in the old old days... 电视广播周刊) since I was very young. I believe this hobby was greatly influenced by my elder brother. We used to draw and make up stories. Don't ask me how we did that, we managed to have hours of fun drawing alongside each other.

Close to 30 years have gone by... I still love to draw. More so, I love to see other people's work. Am always captivated by the talented artists who draw for a living. In case you have not found deviantART, this is a wonderful place where LOADS of artists gather to showcase their work, sketches and WIPs.

I just added my humble sketch to my site at deviantART. =)  Hope you like it.

Sketch by ~littleorangetree on deviantART

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